At Nelson & Quillin Corporation we understand that no matter how great your time and billing software is, if the service and support is not good it is not of much value. We receive exceptional marks in service and support from our clients.

Conversion Expertise and Services

We provide much more than just across the board conversion of data. We review the data extensively with you so that the firm can take advantage of new features. For example, when converting to our system, a firm would have the option of changing a numeric timekeeper ID to initials. Likewise, disbursement codes, time codes, general ledger chart of account numbering systems, etc., are all reviewed and if the firm decides to implement new codes, they are mapped via translation tables at conversion time. The reason we spend so much time on conversions is simple, in addition to a "balanced to the penny" result, we also want to insure that the data after conversion is more logically organized, easier to access and takes full advantage of all of the new features available on our system. In short, the more sophisticated the conversion is, the happier our clients will be.


We provide extensive on-site training for all personnel during and after the conversion. Telephone and on-site assistance are unlimited for the first 90 days after installation of the software.

Custom Programming

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions quickly for our clients as their needs arise.